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Title of the Program: Blastoff to Magic

Length: 45 mins

Main talking points:  You can be anything you want!  Never give up.


Students will join Daniel on an adventure in space where they learn:


- History of space travel and the space race

- Facts about space and meteorites

- That we are all different in this universe (anti bully)

- Never give up on your dream - YOU CAN REACH FOR THE STARS!!!


Watch out for Steve the Space Alien as he lands in the middle of Daniel's Show! Steve comes in sad as he realizes that he is "BLUE" and is different from everyone else. Can Daniel and the students help Steve learn to celebrate being different and unique?


Discover the magic of loving who you are and encouraging others to be unique. Students will also learn about astronaut Gus Grissom and how he never gave up as he reached for the stars.



bastoff-steve (1).jpg

Title of the Program: Leggo My Magic Show (Build a Better World)

Length: 45 mins

Main talking points:  The ABC's of Building a Better World


Daniel uses the world's most famous children building blocks to discuss Building a Better World.  This magic show is full of interactive routines that encourage students to build a better world around them in their classrooms, school, and home.  This character development program also discusses bully prevention.


- A - be ALERT and AWARE to where you can help

- B - be BRAVE to do what is right 

- C - show COMPASSION for others / love and kindness


How can you BE BIGGER than a bully?  Daniel uses magic illusions to illustrate six main points.  Not only does this program speak to the bully and the victim, but also to the silent majority. This is the largest portion of the student body. Students will learn that EVERYONE has a role in helping to end bullying.

- Be Respectful

- Be A Friend

- Be A Builder With Words

- Be Caring To Others

- Be Yourself

- Be Your Personal Best

Title of the Program: Be BIGGER than a bully

Length: 45 mins

Main talking points:  How to be BIGGER than a bully is to:

Most schools add our optional FAMILY NIGHT PROGRAM to the package.  This is a completely different 45 minute program done in the evening on the same day.  Parents will learn about what their kids were taught in the daytime programs and will be a big part of this fun interactive show on stage.

This is a great opportunity to get the community together and show parents that your school takes bully prevention and character development education seriously.  Here is a couple quick testimonials from our FAMILY NIGHT PROGRAM.  You can see more testimonials by clicking the button below.

Parent Smiles Big On Stage!

"Our parents have been asking for..."

"The best I have ever seen..."


Daniel Lusk’s program is absolutely one of the best programs we have ever offered to the youth in our area.  All eight of the schools we sent him to were excited to receive this timely and important message in such an entertaining and educational way.  Following each of the performances school administrators and teachers stated it was the best program they had seen.


Kendall Martin

     County Extension Director

     Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

Additional Downloads

Postcard for Leggo My Magic Show (Build a Better World)

2.4 MB


One page info flyer for Be BIGGER than a bully.

18.2 MB


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